Risk Management

Effective risk management is a key factor in maintaining the Group’s value over time.
In order to optimise this value, Brembo’s Internal Control and Risk Management System (ICRMS) complies with the principles set out in Article 7 of the Corporate Governance Code of listed companies promoted by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. as amended in 2015 (hereafter referred to as “Corporate Governance Code”) and, more generally, with national and international best practices.



Financial Riskshttps://www.brembo.com/en/investors/the-group/risk-management/financial-risksFinancial Risks
Operating Riskshttps://www.brembo.com/en/investors/the-group/risk-management/operating-risksOperating Risks
Risk Management policyhttps://www.brembo.com/en/investors/the-group/risk-management/risk-management-policyRisk Management policy



INNOVATION, HERITAGE AND PASSION COME TOGETHER IN THE NEW DYATOM™ CARBON CERAMIC DISChttps://www.brembo.com/en/company/news/new-dyatom-carbon-ceramic-discINNOVATION, HERITAGE AND PASSION COME TOGETHER IN THE NEW DYATOM™ CARBON CERAMIC DISCThe most advanced carbon ceramic brake disc, developed by Brembo SGL Carbon Ceramic Brakes (BSCCB), takes the stopping power of the Ford GT MK II to the next level.12020-03-15T23:00:00Z0
FY 2019 RESULTShttps://www.brembo.com/en/company/news/fy-2019-resultsFY 2019 RESULTSBREMBO: REVENUES 2019 AT €2,591.7 MILLION, DOWN BY 1.8% (-1.3% ON A LIKE-FOR-LIKE CONSOLIDATION BASIS), EBITDA AT €515.2 MILLION (EBITDA MARGIN: 19.9%), EBIT AT €318.5 MILLION (EBIT MARGIN: 12.3%). DIVIDEND PROPOSAL: €0.22 PER SHARE. 12020-03-08T23:00:00Z0



ADI Golden Compass Awardhttps://www.brembo.com/en/company/news/designADI Golden Compass AwardDISCOVER MOREBTS-bottomDx0DESIGN​For Brembo beauty is a value
Green Approach https://www.brembo.com/en/company/news/green-approachGreen Approach DISCOVER HOWBTS-bottomDx0GREEN APPROACHGREEN PROCESSES. GREEN PRODUCTS.
Innovationhttps://www.brembo.com/en/company/news/innovationInnovationDISCOVER WHYBTS-bottomDx0INNOVATIONAT BREMBO INNOVATION NEVER STOPS
Racinghttps://www.brembo.com/en/company/news/racingRacingDISCOVERBTS-bottomDx0RACING40 years of Racing
Constant Research https://www.brembo.com/en/company/news/researchConstant Research DISCOVER MOREBTS-bottomDx0RESEARCHBREMBO RESEARCH IS ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD

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