Governing Boards and Committees



Chairman Emeritus​

On 17th December 2021, the Shareholders’ Meeting appointed Mr. A. Bombassei as Chairman Emeritus for the first time, for an indefinite period. This appointment was confirmed after approval by the Shareholders’ Meeting (27th July 2023) of the Cross-border Conversion.

Alberto Bombassei – Chairman Emeritus (elected pursuant to the Articles of Association)​​


Board of Directors​

The Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo, held on 20th April 2023, confirmed at 11 the number of members making up the Board of Directors and appointed the Board of Directors, setting the term of office in three financial years (2023-2025), with expiration on the date of approval of the Financial Statements for the year ending 31st December 2025. Following the approval by the Shareholders’ Meeting (27th July 2023) of the Cross-border Conversion, the Company will continue to be managed by the Board appointed on 20th April 2023, until the date of natural expiry of its term of office.

Matteo Tiraboschi​ – Executive Chairman​

Daniele Schillaci - Managing Director ​

Cristina Bombassei – Executive Director

Roberto Vavassori ​ – Executive Director

Manuela Soffientini​ – Independent Director

​Elisabetta Magistretti – Independent Director

​Elizabeth Marie Robinson ​– Independent Director

Giancarlo Dallera – Independent Director

Gianfelice Rocca– Independent Director

Umberto Nicodano – Not Executive Director

Michela Schizzi ​– Independent Director (candidate proposal by a group of minority shareholders​)

Independent Auditors                                       

Deloitte Accountants B.V. (Following the approval by the Shareholders’ Meeting – 27th July 2023 – of the Cross-border Conversion, Deloitte Accountants B.V. replaces, without interruption, Deloitte & Touche S.p.A., until the expiry of the office given to the latter)

Audit, Risk & Sustainability Committee

(which also acts as the Related Party Transactions Committee)

Elisabetta Magistretti ​ – Chairwoman (Independent Director) ​

Michela Schizzi – Independent Director 

Manuela Soffientini – Independent Director

Remuneration & Appointments Committee

​Giancarlo Dallera ​- Chairman (Independent Director)
​Elizabeth Marie Robinson – Independent Director ​

​Manuela Soffientini – Independent Director​ 

Lead Non-Executive Director

​Manuela Soffientini - Independent Director

Supervisory Committee

Giovanni Canavotto – Chairman​ (1)

Elisabetta Magistretti​ – Independent Director

Matteo Tradii (2)​

(1)  Indipedent Expert.

​(2) Chief Internal Audit Officer of Brembo ​





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