Brembo original braking systems for commercial vehicles are a guarantee of safety for clients demanding absolute reliability from their daily work tools.

Calipers offering long-lasting reliability in all conditions, discs with extended durability and resistance to repetitive thermo-mechanical stress and parking brakes that are safe and simple to use.



Discs critical applications such as industrial vehicles, Brembo uses its exclusive pillar venting technology, developed and patented by the group's Research and Development Centre.
Parking brake brakeBrembo supplies mechanical parking brake systems that may either be integrated in a combined with a caliper or drum, or isolated in DIH.
Calipers calipers are built to last the entire lifetime of the vehicle and to resist weather corrosion.



At Monaco 12 braking moments per lap for F1 Monaco 12 braking moments per lap for F1It’s eighty years old but doesn’t show its age. This year the Monaco GP celebrates its 80th GP even if the first one was held back in 1929. 12023-05-23T22:00:00Z0
Brembo launches Brembo Solutions, providing digital innovation for business clients launches Brembo Solutions, providing digital innovation for business clientsBrembo Solutions’ unconventional offer is based on AI•Doing, which combines Brembo’s experience in artificial intelligence and its application within industry 12023-05-22T22:00:00Z0



Future mobility mobilityDiscoverBTS-bottomDx0Future mobilityRethinking the world of mobility by offering innovative solutions guided by our vision of “Turning Energy into Inspiration”​
Sensify’s pioneering new intelligent braking system integrates artificial intelligence to offer a unique driving experience and total safety.
Greenance – a fusion of the words “green” and “performance” – is brembo’s answer to the growing requirement for low environmental impact without any compromise in braking performance.
Solution provider providerDiscoverBTS-bottomDx0Solution providerDigital products and services that are ever-more sustainable open new paths and support our customers in facing the challenges of future mobility.
Racing Brembo, every race-car driver can rely on the experience of a team that for more than 40 years has won with remarkable consistency on tracks all over the world. At the same time, they are never satisfied –always thinking about tomorrow’s solutions.