Corvette Stingray Brembo Brakes




Mid-Engine Bias

Brembo engineers took decades of mid-engine car experience and translated it to the brake geometry on the C8. More weight in the rear puts more torque and energy into the rear brake system which demanded the rear brake calipers to grow significantly. 

To assure maximum stopping power, larger hydraulics in the caliper, larger rear rotors and pads were fitted for the rear system over the C7. 

The hydraulic increased by 60%, the pad area by 12% and disc by 3% .



Engineered Structure

The Brembo monobloc aluminum front brake calipers is 20 percent stiffer than the past generation. This increased structure is molded into the caliper providing a bonded fitment to the corner assembly translating to better brake pedal feel.


Stopping the 495 horsepower at the drive wheels are Brembo's all-aluminum four-piston calipers that grasp a 321 mm ventilated disc. Designed to complement the C8’s Z51 Magnetic Ride Control by working in concert with the active damping system. ​​



Brembo and Corvette designers worked together to develop the Brembo all-aluminum caliper design following the aggressive flowing lines of the C8 and complimenting the athletic look of the two seat sports car.


Cool Colors and Personalization

The Brembo calipers shine through the Corvette's five spoke 19/20-inch wheels and are available in a customer choice of four colors: Edge Red, Black, Yellow, or Bright Red.​


Reduced drag 

Brembo’s caliper design and brake pad retention system provides quicker separation of the brake pads from the disc when not under pedal pressure. This separation reduces residual torque, provides better cooling, less wear and as a consequence better fuel economy.​

EPB Weight Savings

For the first time in Corvette history, the C8 comes with Brembo’s mechatronic Electronic Parking Brake (EPB). The Brembo EPB reduces part complexity, with the elimination of a brake pedal/lever and associated cables. Activation of the parking brake is as simple as pushing a button. The new design delivers a 3 kg (6.6 lbs.) per car weight savings over the previous drum-in-hat style system.


Friction materials 

The Z51 Performance Package includes Brembo’s low-met performance brake pads featuring a new zinc-nickel base coating for more longevity and resistance to corrosion. The braking friction material is copper free to meet the new requirements and reduce emissions.​​