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 Brembo Original, Xtra, Max or Sport. 4 different types of Brembo brake disc, letting you choose exactly the right product for your needs

Eventually, even your magnificent BMW serie 3 (E90) will start to show the first signs of age. You've travelled so far together that the time has come to change the discs and pads to make your braking system as good as new.
It's not as simple a choice as it looks, because not all brake discs are the same and, above all, not all brands are equivalent. It's important to choose a dependable brand when buying a part for something as crucial as the brake system. Everyone has heard of Brembo at least once in their life, as countless victories in over 40 years of racing have contributed to making the brand a household name.
Brembo knows everything there is to know about brakes, and has selected 4 different solutions to give your BMW serie 3 (E90) the best braking system possible. Also remember to replace the pads as well: a worn pad could damage your new brake disc.


Brembo Original

Brembo brake discs with undrilled rotors have already been chosen by millions of other motorists. Fitted with blank rotors, your BMW serie 3 (E90) will be a pleasure to drive. These disks also contribute to maximizing the lifespan of the friction material of your brake pads.
To set you mind at ease, all you need to know is that Brembo blank brake disks are manufactured to exactly the same high quality standards as the parts originally fitted to your BMW serie 3 (E90) when you bought it.
Pillar ventilation, UV paint technology developed in collaboration with the carmakers themselves and a superior damping coefficient achieved by increasing the percentage of carbon used in the manufacturing process are additional advantages offered by the Brembo discs in this range.
PVT Pillar Vented Technology: setting these discs apart is a proprietary pillar ventilation technology patented by Brembo, which makes the discs themselves 40% more resistant to cracking caused by high temperatures.
High Carbon: these brake disks are made with cast iron containing a high percentage of carbon, which significantly reduces brake vibration and squeal.
UV paint treatment: these discs feature a metallic effect finish which makes them more corrosion resistant, brighter and more elegant.

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Brembo aftermarket disc in cast iron with pillar venting 


Brembo Xtra

If you're someone who believes that there's always room for improvement, you should take a look at cross-drilled disks.
Unquestionably stylish, Brembo Xtra disks offer responsive, effective stopping power in all braking conditions.
The brake rotor is cross-drilled to for maximum grip between the pad and the disc itself. This improves performance in the rain, in hot conditions and in the moments immediately after pressing the brake pedal. The holes also have a scraping action which removes potentially dangerous fragments of debris accumulating on the surface of the pad. The cross-drilled rotor allows heat and gas to escape more effectively, improving performance.
Not only will you love them but those you meet along the road will too, as they notice the special UV paint finish.

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Brembo aftermarket disc in cast iron Xtra model perforated vented with UV paint 


Brembo Max

If you're on the lookout for a disc that's both distinctly stylish and built to superlative quality standards for your BMW serie 3 (E90), we recommend choosing from our range of slotted discs.

Brembo Max disks demonstrate their superiority right from the moment you touch the brake pedal.
Slots cut into the rotor of the disc continuously refresh the friction material, preventing glazing phenomena of the brake pad.

Among the many advantages offered by Brembo Max is a slotted pattern in the disk rotor which lets you monitor disk wear instantly and easily.
This means that you can monitor disk wear for yourself and decide when it's the right time to change the disks.

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Brembo aftermarket disc in cast iron Max model slotted and ventilated 


Brembo Sport

Are you a driver who loves to attack mile after mile of tarmac with a performance-focused driving style? Brembo has created its Sport range of discs with you in mind. Designed to minimise overheating and the risk of warping, these discs are available with both cross-drilled and slotted rotors.
The Brembo Sport range also includes pads specifically for use with these disks, manufactured to the superior standards and with the state of the art materials that only Brembo can offer. Made with a specific friction material which offers a constant friction coefficient throughout the entire operating temperature range, these pads deliver outstanding performance even without warming up.
To offer a product with unmistakably sporty looks, Brembo Sport disks are subjected to complex galvanizing process which gives them a gold-colored finish.
Installing Brembo Sport discs is nothing to worry about, as they are manufactured with the exact same measurements as the parts fitted to you BMW serie 3 (E90) the day you bought it from the dealer, making them inherently compatible with the original calipers and wheels.

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Feel free to choose whichever disk suits you the best, safe in the knowledge that you'll be getting guaranteed Brembo quality.

Brembo Sport disc in cast iron perforated galvanized in gold color with pillar venting 


The Brembo discs illustrated on this page are available for the following versions of the BMW serie 3 (E90)
BMW 316i2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
BMW 318d/ 318i2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
BMW 320i2004, 2005, 2006, 2007