Resistance to the thermo-mechanical stresses

There are no peaks in the daily usage of a braking system for commercial vehicles - the system is subjected instead to repetitive thermo-mechanical stress, which the brake disc must withstand effectively.

Brembo responds fully to the needs of the sector with a range of cast iron discs sized appropriately to increase resistance to the thermo-mechanical stresses that occur on heavy vehicles.

For critical applications such as industrial vehicles, Brembo uses its exclusive pillar venting technology, developed and patented by the group's Research and Development Centre.



Compared with discs from other manufacturers, Brembo discs with pillar venting technology improve material distribution, increase heat exchange surface area and produce greater air turbulence in the ventilation gap. All of these factors significantly contribute to reducing cooling times and minimizing thermal cracks.



The discs produced for these vehicles range from 280 mm diameter components weighing approximately 9 Kg for light commercial vehicles, to units up to 432 mm in diameter and weighing over 36 Kg for heavy industrial vehicles.

These discs ensure power and durability for braking systems in vehicles that travel frequently fully loaded, but also the braking comfort necessary for passenger transport vehicles.



Some of the commercial vehicles equipped with Brembo discs:

Ford Transit

Robust and durable brake discs

Brembo equips the Transit range with ventilated discs with a diameter of up to 330 mm characterized by the exclusive pillar ventilation system, designed and patented by Brembo.

Fuso Canter

Highly reliable discs and calipers

Brembo equips the Canter range with discs and calipers capable of ensuring impressive reliability, integrity and safety over time and in all conditions of use. Brembo discs are designed to withstand repeated thermo-mechanical stress while Brembo calipers are built to last for the entire life of the vehicle, withstanding atmospheric agents and paying attention to seals to prevent corrosion.

Iveco Daily

Discs and calipers: long lasting, minimal maintenance

Brembo equips this vehicle with 300 mm diameter front and 296 mm diameter rear discs and 2-piston front and single piston rear calipers in cast iron. The rear calipers also provide service and parking brake functions through a dedicated mechanism.

Iveco Eurocargo

Focus on the safety and well-being of drivers

Brembo equips this vehicle with 330 mm diameter front and rear ventilated cast iron discs and 68 mm cast iron 2-piston calipers. The rear calipers also provide service and parking brake functions through a dedicated mechanism.

Iveco Trakker

Exclusive pillar ventilation system

Brembo equips this vehicle with 432 mm diameter front and rear ventilated discs boasting an exclusive pillar ventilation system designed and patented by the Brembo Research and Development Centre.