Reliability, durability and simplified maintenance

Medium commercial vehicles, weighing generally between 6 and 16 tonnes, combine the manoeuvrability necessary for city centres with the performance required for long haul journeys and particularly demanding missions.

Brembo's approach to this market is founded on two precepts: safeguarding the business interests of the client - which equates to a focus on reliability, durability and simplified maintenance - and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the truck driver.

For medium commercial vehicles, Brembo produces front disc brake systems consisting of oversized hydraulic calipers and pads, and ventilated discs in diameters up to 330 mm.



Some of the medium commercial vehicles equipped with Brembo brakes:

Fuso Canter

Highly reliable discs and calipers

Brembo equips the Canter range with discs and calipers capable of ensuring impressive reliability, integrity and safety over time and in all conditions of use. Brembo discs are designed to withstand repeated thermo-mechanical stress while Brembo calipers are built to last for the entire life of the vehicle, withstanding atmospheric agents and paying attention to seals to prevent corrosion.

Iveco Eurocargo

Focus on the safety and well-being of drivers

Brembo equips this vehicle with 330 mm diameter front and rear ventilated cast iron discs and 68 mm cast iron 2-piston calipers. The rear calipers also provide service and parking brake functions through a dedicated mechanism.