Excellent performance, outstanding structural strength and simplified maintenance

Light commercial vehicles (up to 6 tonnes), used for mid-long range transport, require braking systems that offer superior performance and can withstand the stress caused by a combination of intense use, heavy loading and high braking speeds typical of these vehicles.

For these vehicles, Brembo produces braking systems boasting excellent performance, outstanding structural strength and simplified maintenance, consisting of brake discs up to 300 mm in diameter featuring exclusive pillar venting technology, and cast iron hydraulic calipers.

The structural strength of these components maintains maximum vehicle efficiency over time, minimising the frequency and duration of stoppages for maintenance. The superlative engineering of Brembo braking systems also increases the durability of friction materials such as discs and pads.



Some of the light commercial vehicles equipped with Brembo brakes :

Ford Transit

Robust and durable brake discs

Brembo equips the Transit range with ventilated discs with a diameter of up to 330 mm characterized by the exclusive pillar ventilation system, designed and patented by Brembo.

Iveco Daily

Discs and calipers: long lasting, minimal maintenance

Brembo equips this vehicle with 300 mm diameter front and 296 mm diameter rear discs and 2-piston front and single piston rear calipers in cast iron. The rear calipers also provide service and parking brake functions through a dedicated mechanism.