Brake discs for very high mileages

Heavy commercial vehicles (over 16 tonnes), used predominantly for nationwide and international transport on highways with very high mileages and average speeds, require braking systems designed with particular regard for the durability of their components.

For these vehicles, Brembo designs and manufactures ventilated discs with diameters up to 432 mm that are reliable, resistant and extremely durable thanks to the use of exclusive pillar venting technology.



Some of the heavy commercial vehicles equipped with Brembo  brakes:

Iveco Stralis

Durability and braking comfort

For the Iveco Stralis, Brembo designs and builds ventilated discs with diameters up to 432mm. They are reliable, durable and long-lasting thanks to the exclusive pillar ventilation system. These discs ensure power and durability for brake systems on vehicles that often travel at full load - as well as also the necessary braking comfort needed for passenger transport vehicles.

Iveco Trakker

Exclusive pillar ventilation system

Brembo equips this vehicle with 432 mm diameter front and rear ventilated discs boasting an exclusive pillar ventilation system designed and patented by the Brembo Research and Development Centre.