Brembo manufactures the most valuable asset: safety.

Brembo is known and appreciated all over the world for the extraordinary performance and attention to design of its products, as well as for the success reaped every year in motorsport competitions.

Wins, performance adrenaline… but Brembo's true goal is to improve the safety of motorists and bikers every day as they drive their vehicles on the road.



Brembo engineers and technicians are well aware of this: any performance, even if it is exceptional, is worth nothing without the comfort of safety.

This is why Brembo braking systems are designed and built to reduce the stopping distance more and more, thereby contributing to safer and safer driving. In emergency conditions just a few metres can make a difference and prevent a collision with potentially serious consequences that are not limited only to the vehicle.

Brembo takes to heart the safety of those who race on the track and those who travel on the road, but also of its own personnel.


This is a top priority that is demonstrated by the constant occupational health and safety improvements, placing maximum attention on reducing the risks in studying each product and process and preventing any accidents during daily operations.

In line with this approach, Brembo has continued with its own highly efficient sustainable development which, over the last 15 years, has led to reducing the index of severity of injuries in its plants by 69.3%.

While it's true that the thrill of going fast is incomparable, knowing that you can count on the excellence of your brakes is safety that is worth just as much.





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