Constant Research


Research is always a step ahead

There is a secret to Brembo's skill at making more and more cutting-edge braking systems capable, each time, of setting a new reference standard: every year the company invests a significant portion of its turnover - 5% - in Research and Development, an area that involves 10% of its personnel.

When such a high percentage of employees - of which there are more than 7,000 worldwide - is made up of engineers and product specialists, working daily on studying and fine tuning products which are increasingly safer and higher performance, it shows just how much Brembo believes in the infinite possibilities that the future can offer.



Brembo's ability to propose new ideas and new solutions is built on this foundation as behaviour that is encoded in the corporate DNA, which translates into a close synergistic exchange of information between the Group's various business areas.

Brembo conducts comprehensive research aimed at pushing the limit farther and farther.

It is constant research that does not stop at development and fine tuning of braking systems which are higher and higher performance, but it also includes experimentation with revolutionary solutions capable of improving comfort or the application of a design capable of combining functionality and beauty.


Exploration designed to assess the use of new materials or the advantages offered by innovative disciplines such as mechatronics (a branch of automation engineering where mechanics, electronics and information technology interact).

​Ever since 1975 when Enzo Ferrari chose to have Brembo brakes fitted on his single-seater race cars, experience on the track has proven to be essential to fine tuning braking systems dedicated to street legal vehicles.



Over time victories on half the tracks in the world translate into technological advancements that are made available to all bikers and motorists.

Since its foundation Brembo has been synonymous with technical superiority, innovation and excellent results.

But the constant research, supported by significant economic investments, is the winning weapon of a company that, thanks to this approach, maintains a constant technical advantage over its competitors and is therefore always a step ahead of the rest.



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