At Brembo innovation never stops

Ten, twenty, one hundred patents registered? We are on a whole other planet: from its foundation, just over fifty years ago, Brembo has registered more than 400 families of patents thus far, fundamental in defending the technological leadership acquired over the years.

This propensity for innovation and the excellent results achieved are not due to chance or fortuitous intuitions.

They are the result of the attitude, dedication and passion that drives Brembo personnel daily to push the envelope, to explore the possibilities that others fail to take into consideration, to find the solution that no one has ever dared think of.



New materials, performance, design, comfort: for Brembo it is always innovation.

This was the case when aluminium was used in place of cast iron to lighten the braking system or when ceramic carbon discs were introduced, born out of the application of technologies derived from the aerospace sector.

These are innovations and paradigmatic shifts introduced by Brembo and which, over the years, have become the "de facto" standards for the sector.

From motorbike radial brake master cylinders to the billet machined monoblock brake calipers all the way to combined braking: innovative solutions conceived and introduced by Brembo which characterise the best 2 and 4 wheeled vehicles.

But innovation also means using innovative design instruments and methods such as the topological optimiser, software capable of defining a new geometry of products which takes better advantage of the material and optimises the performance, stiffness and weight of the component.


Innovation is also at the service of beauty

Thus the sharp and rational lines of a braking system that wins the Golden Compass, the Italian Oscar of design, or the daring use of colour on the calipers to create new status symbols.

But Brembo innovation also lies in the search for ideal comfort through solutions capable of reducing braking noise, vibrations and roughness. At Brembo innovation never stops and today the new frontier of innovation for Brembo is "Brake by wire" and Mechatronics which brings different disciplines into close collaboration such as mechanics, electronics and information technology to create the brakes for the cars of the future.

With Brembo the future is already here.




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