Green Approach


Green processes. Green products.

If you are a forward thinking person and you want a greener world, you must demonstrate it with your actions. That is why Brembo, in addition to employing environmentally friendly operations, makes products that are capable of polluting less.


Most companies today are concerned with reducing the environmental impact of their processes and operations.

Brembo does much more: in addition to employing environmentally friendly operations, we make products that are capable of polluting less.

For Brembo this is a natural choice that is manifested in the application of environmentally friendly technologies capable of reducing any form of pollution to a minimum in daily operation, for example, fine tuning efficient water resource recycling systems or recovering the heat produced by its plants all over the world.

Like the technologies applied in melting furnaces and thermal treatments which produce an energy savings of 30%.

Or taking painstaking care to recover processing scrap. Every year Brembo recycles more than 53% of the waste produced by their production processes.



Machinery, technology and machining. But the finished products also have an impact on environmental quality. For example, how lightweight they are.

Because this reduction in weight that is achieved thanks to the use of innovative materials and innovative production methods allows lower fuel consumption and consequently lower C02 emissions for vehicles with Brembo brakes.

A ceramic carbon disc weighs 50% less than a cast iron disc.

This allows lower CO2 emissions to the tune of about 5 g/km.

In the same way, the use of aluminium fixed calipers, lighter and capable of increasingly reducing residual torque, in other words, the friction when the vehicle is not braking, reduces CO2 emissions by 6 g/km.

In concrete terms, using 4 aluminium fixed calipers instead of 4 cast iron floating calipers is equal to planting 6 new trees every year.


​Hardness can also contribute to the advantage of the environment. How? Discs made in carbon ceramic, thanks to their exceptional hardness, allow a significant reduction of fine powders. Compared to cast iron, carbon ceramic produces 90% less.

The Brembo philosophy places great emphasis on the world to come, the planet of future generations. This is why Brembo has been seeking to improve the world for years.




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