Premio Compasso d'oro Adi

ADI Golden Compass Award


For Brembo beauty is a value

We give our products form and meaning to our products guided by constant design and innovation. Because beauty comes by itself when you use the right materials and shapes. Brembo is the only parts company to have received the ADI Golden Compass Award, the oldest but, more importantly, the most authoritative global design award.

Is it possible for one of the most sought after awards in the world in the design field is won by a company that makes parts? Of course it's possible if that company is Brembo.

Italian creativity is popular all over the world for its high quality content, painstaking attention to details and, last but not least, the beauty of the products that it creates. So it is only natural that Brembo, an Italian company, was the first in its segment to believe in the importance of braking system aesthetics.

After years of daily application spent combining performance and design in our products, the most important recognition arrived. In fact, in 2004 Brembo was awarded the Golden Compass for the car carbon ceramic braking system, the oldest and most prestigious industrial design award in the world.



A parts manufacturer had never before won this award which is normally given for finished products and certainly coveted by stars in the design world. "If it wasn't a brake it would be a sculpture worthy of any modern art museum."

This was the motivation for awarding Brembo with the Golden Compass.

Soft and sinuous lines dialogue in harmony with sudden, clean and dry cuts, creating shapes and objects with a unique and unmistakeable design, always conceived to be practical and lightweight.

But there is no doubt: the world is more beautiful in colour. And so Brembo was the first to introduce coloured calipers.



The red ones in particular soon became an icon.

And the Brembo red took on the same symbolic status as the Ferrari red and the Ducati red.

The constant search for the best performance and innovation is an unwavering point in the Brembo philosophy, but looks count too.

However, Brembo knows that when you combine the use of the right materials with a particular sensitivity to design and a good dose of intuition beauty comes on its own.

Especially if the design is never an end into itself, but it is at the service of functionality and performance.



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