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All the Formula1 brakings

For each of the 19 races in the Formula 1 Season, Brembo will be compiling a practical "Identity Card" which summarises the main instrumentally measured braking parameters for each circuit. This data is provided directly by Brembo technicians working at the circuits using the know-how gained over years of experience in the most prestigious motorsports.

Brembo Circuit Identity Card: The IdentiTy Card created for each championship circuit collects the outline specifications and explains the technical data for the key braking points using a clear, intuitive diagram.

The Identity Card shows the speed at the start and end of braking, braking time and distance, maximum deceleration, maximum brake lever force and braking force on each bend.

Brembo Brake Fact: An animation illustrating the key braking points in each circuit complete with the most significant technical data analysed by Brembo engineers.



The journalists can request to receive, with a preview of 10 days before each race, the "Brembo Circuit Identity Card" and "Brembo Brake Fact" writing to .


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