Supply Chain

Promoting sustainable business models through responsible purchasing practices


Ancillary companies and supplier network

The Group relies on the contribution of more than 5,300 businesses located in more than 16 countries throughout the world to carry out its own activities. These provide essential goods and services for Brembo’s industrial processes. ​

From the supply of raw materials, to support for production and plant maintenance, the contribution of suppliers is essential to obtain quality products. A key element of the Group's industrial strategy is the effective management of the supplier network in all phases of the commercial relationship.​​


C​reating opportunities for communities

With its purchases, the Group contributes to supporting the growth of around 5,300 companies.​

Brembo pursues a strategy of international development centred upon the local area and the commitment to establish stable relations with local communities. ​



Promoting sustainable business models through responsible purchasing practices ​

In addition, in 2017 the Group published the Supplier Code of Conduct​​​ which summarises the guidelines set out in Brembo’s sustainability policy, the rules and principles that Brembo’s suppliers are required to uphold.​​​
Over the years the Group has defined a structured process to evaluate its supply chain’s approach to Corporate Social through on site audit, both in pre assessment and during business relation.​

To date, Brembo has involved 62 suppliers in sustainability related audits, of which 16 in 2018, covering 52% of overall direct material purchases in terms of value.​



Supply Chain Development​

In light of the complexity of the production and technological processes featured in the sector in which the Group’s main suppliers operate, Brembo asks them to develop and maintain an ISO 14001-compliant environmental management system and to apply an effective safety management system in accordance with OHSAS 18000 standards or equivalent, preferably obtaining a third-party certification.​

Over the years the Group has defined a structured process for managing suppliers that allows Brembo to develop strategic relations with a supply chain focused on continual innovation, quality improvement and sustainability.
This process is structured into three main phases:
1. Clear communication of the standards that Brembo expects from its business partners in terms of product and service quality, correct environmental management and proper working conditions.
2. Assessment of suppliers’ capacity to meet technical specifications and requirements both during the qualification phase and during the business relationship.
3. Providing suppliers with support to continually improve their own performance and strengthen their ability to innovate. ​​

It is for this reason that the Group promotes opportunities for supplier development, through collaborative initiatives that encourage direct discussion and the sharing of best practice.

Examples include the projects, coordinated by Brembo’s Supplier Quality function, involving a number of suppliers in programmes for assisted quality performance development.

​​​These projects aim to support the development of Quality competencies in managing production processes, by analysing the processes themselves, sharing experiences and approaches with the aim of identifying the improvement solutions to be implemented. ​​ ​ ​



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