Feedback and engagement tools

Feedback and engagement tools

For Brembo, dialogue with its internal and external stakeholders is an important element of its strategy for improving the impact of company activities on the environment and society, since it allows the Group to gather important information about the context in which it operates and to obtain feedback about its actions.
Through this process of listening and dialogue, Brembo is able to assess the extent to which it is understanding and satisfying the expectations and interests of its stakeholders by identifying the areas in which to increase its commitment and those in which to confirm the approach adopted.
Establishing ongoing, mutually satisfactory dialogue requires: the identification of key stakeholders with which to promote periodic dialogue initiatives; and the definition of the most appropriate methods of ensuring stakeholder engagement.

The chart presented below provides a concise illustration of all of the Group’s stakeholders, who represents the various interests that Brembo pursues.



​ For each type of stakeholder, there are various sources of information and feedback channels through which Brembo can identify the many aspects that it must consider.               



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