The Sustainability Governance system

The Group's focus on operating responsibly and sustainably.

The Governance of sustainability within Brembo is guaranteed by the roles and responsibilities of the institutional bodies involved in the Corporate Social Responsibility:

• Board of Directors: in addition to its established duties, it approves annually the Sustainability Report and the Guidelines of the sustainability plan;

• Audit, Risk & Sustainability Committee: in accordance with the Borsa Italiana Corporate Governance Code, Brembo's Board of Directors has, by specific resolution, established an internal Audit, Risk & Sustainability Committee, whose composition, operating procedures and organisation are governed by the pertinent Regulation. The Committee has the task of supporting the Board of Directors’ decisions and assessments regarding the Internal Control and Risk Management System and the sustainability aspects related to Brembo’s activity and the dynamics of its interactions with all stakeholders;

• CSR Steering Committee: a company body, composed of managers responsible for sustainability-related areas and of top managers, that lays down sustainability guidelines, adopts group policies, identifies action priorities and approves and monitors the progress of the projects proposed by the Chief CSR Officer;

• Chief CSR Officer: is responsible for coordinating and executing the CSR Steering Committee’s activities, setting the calendar and activities leading up to the drafting of the Consolidated Disclosure of Non Financial Information; identifying the key sustainability topics most relevant to the Group and coordinating the materiality analysis process; 

• Task Force: a working team that involves members from various company functions who collaborate daily on development of CSR, focusing on areas specific to their remits and participating periodically in roundtables;

• Team CSR: led by the Chief CSR officer, it is a multi-functional group with the tasks of formulating proposals for sustainable development objectives, coordinating related projects and monitoring their progress.

​Further information: Corporate Governance



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