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​​The human capital of the company ​

The more than 10,600 people who work for Brembo every day with dedication and passion represent the company’s strategic wealth. Their knowledge and skills are the real competitive advantage behind the Group’s ability to innovate and pursue excellence when manufacturing all its products.

​Aware of the huge strategic value of People, Brembo works constantly to boost, on the one hand, the sense of belonging and the motivation of everyone who works for the Group and, on the other, to consolidate its image as a “best place to work.”


The consolidated global presence of Brembo leads the company to operate and compete with very different contexts from an economic and cultural point of view. The Group consider diversity its strength. Brembo is committed every day to promoting and enhancing a culture that enhances diversity from the moment it is taken on, fostering an environment in which everyone's point of view, voice, individuality and specificity count and where everyone can feeling not only an integral part, but protagonists of the Group's success.

​Enhancing the diversity of gender, generations and skills is a priority for Brembo. In order to make a concrete contribution in this field, the Group, through its training offer supports people with different types of interventions, both ad hoc and related to diversity issues within the broader framework of leadership paths. Added to this, there are some socialization events aimed at spreading the culture of enhancing diversity.

As regards the protection of diversity and respect for people and the human rights of workers, Brembo has formalized, in addition to what is expressed in the Group's Code of Ethics, the Code of Basic Working Conditions and the Policy on non-discrimination and diversity, (documents available at the web address ​​).

Both documents express and represent the universal convictions of the Group and the basis of the relationship between employer and employee. In particular, rules of behavior are confirmed and established, on the one hand regarding child labor, forced labor, human trafficking, harassment, discrimination and corruption; on the other in matters of freedom of association and collective bargaining, the right to work, health and safety, working hours, remuneration, environment, sustainability, social commitment and relations with local populations.​​​

Being able to count on trained and competent people means for Brembo to have the measure of the value that each employee brings with his individual contribution to the achievement of common goals. For this reason, the Group aims to ensure continuous training and professional growth with the aim of developing a specific portfolio of talents in various geographies or professional families, to increase the potential and expand the skills of its employees, respecting the values and of corporate strategy.​

For Brembo, employee training on health and safety matters constitutes an essential part of making the working environment increasingly safer. For this reason, and consistently with current regulations, Brembo has set up some general health and safety training courses for its employees, especially new recruits. Moreover, Brembo provided further training to all employees directly involved in managing and coordinating Health and Safety. Some courses were also held to promote and sensitise employees about safe practices. Additionally, during the same year the Group designed some specialized health and safety courses aimed at meeting the needs of specific categories of employees exposed to different levels of risk, and at transferring appropriate knowledge, skills and values which are needed to “work safely”. ​​​​



“10 Life Saving Behaviours​”, consisting of specific training courses across all major sites to raise awareness about, and implement the “10 Life-Saving Behaviours” which all employees must comply with in the workplace​.

​ ​


“Communication campaign on health and safety issues​”

​During the year, Brembo launched the first global communication campaign on health and safety issues, created after a long preparation process personally involving the employees of all the Group’s plants, proving Brembo’s major focus on workplace health and safety issues.​

​With this initiative, the Group raised the awareness of employees on health and safety issues through a process leading to everyone feeling responsible for themselves and for other people.​
​In particular, the Brembo group wanted to use this initiative to:​

​‒ disseminate and stimulate a shared Brembo safety culture throughout the Group;​

​‒ boost the motivation of Brembo’s People to continually improve every safety-related aspect;​

​‒ increasingly improve safety performance and the related indicators (accident frequency index and gravity index), focusing attention on the behavioural causes that contribute to accidents and near misses;​

​‒ spread awareness that safety is based on principles such as responsibility, choice, personal and collective commitment and that priorities are non-negotiable.​

​In addition, this communication campaign was conducted respecting the cultures of each country in which the Group operates, thanks to the organisation, in each of the world’s regions, of individual interviews, Focus Groups and workshops involving the people who work in the various production plants, in order to understand which main messages to convey regarding safety. Thanks to this work, the Group was able to identify common values and thinking in the world’s different regions regarding the issue of health and safety, which accompany more specific views reflecting the distinctive features and sensitivity in the various countries in which Brembo operates.​

​This process created a campaign that focuses attention and individual responsibility on workplace health and safety, thanks to a series of images in which People in the Group act as direct spokespersons and witnesses to deliver simple incisive messages on the topic.​




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