The aspects involved in measuring the capacity to create sustainable value

Materiality analysis process

Brembo is aware of how important it is to identify the topics that are relevant for its stakeholders and to choose the contents of this Disclosure to provide an understanding of the activities carried out by the Group, its performance, its results and the impact produced by them, also considering the principles of the GRI Standards​  ​of materiality, inclusiveness, sustainability context and completeness. For this reason, the Group carries out an annual a materiality analysis process to define the structure and contents of the Disclosure of Non-Financial Information, in order to identify the areas in which the Group’s activities may have the greatest impact on natural ecosystems, as well as on the wellbeing of the community, individuals and all of the Group’s stakeholders. ​​

In 2018 Brembo involved representatives of the company’s top management in a process aimed at assessing and updating the materiality matrix. In line with the work carried out in 2017, the Group’s top management was asked to assess the relevance of the material aspects both in terms of how they represent Brembo, and how they interpret the stakeholders’ viewpoint, based on their own professional experience.
​​​​​​​The result of the material topics assessment activities described above is represented graphically in a diagram, indicated below, within which the 15 most significant topics are positioned along two axes:​

​the abscissa axis reflects the materiality of the Topics for Brembo;
​​ ​​​the ordinate axis reflects the materiality of the Topics for the Group’s main stakeholders.

The 2018 Matrix was examined and approved by the Board of Directors on 17 December 2018, after examination by the Audit, Risk & Sustainability Committee in the meeting of 6 December 2018.

​The colours associated with each topic identify the related SDG.​


Materiality Matrix



​​​​This Consolidated Disclosure of Non-Financial Information for 2018​, in accordance with ​Legislative Decree No.254/2016​, of the Brembo Group is intended to provide an accurate, thorough and transparent view of the Group’s strategies, actions and results in its pursuit of economic growth and business development, while taking account of the expectations of the stakeholders involved and seeking constant improvement of the environmental and social impacts of its activities.​

​This disclosure therefore contains a description of the ​​company’s business model,​ information on the policies applied concerning the aspects mentioned by the Decree and those considered to be important for Brembo, the results arising from such policies, the main risks connected to such aspects and the related risk management policies.

​​The information was selected based on the process of materiality analysis in accordance with the Sustainability Reporting Standards published in 2016 by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) (Core Option) adopted as the standard of reference for the preparation of this document.​​

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