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Brembo Brake-by-Wire solution, a true revolution for car brakes​


Today, with the shift from the hydraulic system to an electric one that will transform the braking system in the engines of the future, we are on the eve of a revolution. ​

Brembo's ready to play a leading role in what promises to be a change of truly epic proportions for car braking systems. A revolution that Brembo has spent nearly 20 years limbering up for, setting aside increasing investments since 2001 for R&D focusing precisely on electric braking systems or, as the experts say, Brake by Wire (BBW). ​

The prime mover that opens the doors to this major change in braking systems, telling us that the “brake of the future” is about to be born, is the outcome of mechatronics and of the need for vehicles that are ever more efficient, interconnected and smart. Energy recovery, and reduced weight and emissions, have become more and more significant and that's where tomorrow's braking system can play a fundamental role. ​




With Brembo Brake-by-Wire, the traditional brake architecture is replaced by an electronic control system. Our Brake-by-Wire system delivers a new braking experience, thanks to opportunities for personalization. Drivers will be able to set different braking options depending on their own individual driving style. Brembo’s Brake-by-Wire is developed for any vehicle, bringing two advantages to our customers: better safety and performance.​



For example: it has a response time of up to 100 milliseconds, compared to 500 of other systems. This reduces the braking distance. It improves safety and performance. ​

The uniqueness of this Brembo solution lies in its innovative “distributed” architecture: single brake actuator for any single wheel, with smooth and continuous brake actuation. ​

So Brembo’s Brake-by-Wire is able to optimize the functions of the brake system and to maximize regenerative braking for electric cars, which in turn brings a reduction in emissions.​

System set-up times, in other words the final fine-tuning on the vehicle, have also speeded up remarkably and now amount to a few weeks at the very most. 

This means a drastic reduction in system development times, which up to now have always taken a good few months.​ 

These characteristics sit alongside the particular Brembo BBW features that are already included in the system, and involve its integration with the functions and architecture of ADAS systems; the sensitivity of the variable brake that can be set by the driver, and the parking brake integrated in the rear caliper.​




The use of Brake by Wire also enables a saving on CO2 emissions, a boosted system (thanks to regenerative braking), zero drag torque and, last but not least, optimized energy consumption as this is an on-demand system.​



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