Efficiency and environmental protection in production processes

The Brembo Group is aware that each of its production activities has an environmental impact

At Brembo the development of high-quality products with an increasingly lower environmental impact is combined with ongoing innovation of production processes, through the adoption of solutions that make it possible to reduce the use of resources during all processing phases, ensuring efficient use of raw materials and proper handling of waste.

In order to ensure systematic and structured management of environmental risks, the Group has developed and maintains an up-to-date environmental management system based on the ISO:14001 standard.

The Group voluntarily submits its system for periodical assessments by independent third-party organisations to ensure its full compliance with international standards.


Designing innovation

Reducing environmental impact is one of the primary goals of Brembo product innovation.

The company invests roughly 5% of its turnover in R&D projects, actively participates in various working groups facilitating automotive industrial research and is the recipient of national and European funding for innovation and research.



Efficient and environmental protection in production processes
Efficient use of natural resources, such as energy and water, and raw materials is crucial in the Group's environmental approach.

Targeted interventions on Group's production sites make it possible to limit the use of resources such as energy and water, and reduce CO2 emissions.

The whole picture of greenhouse gas emissions and the main mitigation actions taken to reduce them are the subject of the Carbon Disclosure Project questionnaire, to which Brembo has adhered since 2011 with excellent results.
This document allows periodic monitoring and effective reporting.

By 2040, the Group also implemented a twenty-year strategy aimed at reducing emissions by about half (compared to 2015).


Waste reduction

 Greater efficiency in using raw materials in production processes translates into reduced costs and containment of waste and processing scrap, which benefits the environment.

In particular, the Group has implemented behaviours that allow to minimize waste generation, re-use waste as far as possible, and exploit by-products within collateral supply chains.



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