Brembo People

A growing Group with talented people

The Group believes that one of fundamental factors of success is the human capital of the company

Every day more than 9,000 Brembo people are committed to taking on the challenges of production and the market, and every day, the Brembo Group is committed to protecting their health and safety and supporting their motivation and growth. Through people-centred management tools and processes - and naturally based on respect for human and labour rights - along with valorisation paths that enhance talent and ideas, the Group, that operates on a global scenario in very different contexts, during the time has supported the creation of a corporate style that enhances the diversity and respect of people and cultures. Formally, such aspects are protected by precise provisions set forth in the Code of Ethics, its third edition, a specific Policy on non-discrimination and diversity, and the Code of Basic Working Conditions.


A growing Group with talented People


The capacity to innovate and pursue excellence in Brembo product development is the result of all the Brembo People, who with their own professional experience and ability to work with others contribute to the formation of a youthful, highly professional and qualified team, which represents the company’s real strategic asset.


The Group is formed by a multicultural team. In fact, a key competitive factor for the Group lies in creating a culture that values internal diversity.


It is essential for Brembo to offer its employees a stimulating and positive working environment.

From collaborations with Universities and the promotion of business programmes, which allow for an effective induction within the company, to the development of concrete opportunities of professional growth, Brembo's strategy aims to value its assets, also through continuous trainings for the development of new skills.

In 2016 more than 180,000 hours of training were provided. In 2015 the training hours provided were over 150,000.

As part of Brembo’s personnel development strategy, the training process is complemented by individual performance and professional growth assessment plans.
The prerequisites of an effective system for assessing and recognising individual contributions to the Group’s growth are:

■ periodically sharing the company’s expectations concerning its employees, defining the expected performances for each role;
■ the assessment of the results achieved.



Safeguarding workers’ health and wellbeing

The protection of the worker's wellbeing is fundamental for the Brembo Group. The management of the aspects for the health and safety of Brembo workers is regulated by specific Manuals that comply with the OHSAS: 18000 standard. These manuals set out the principles, Guidelines, responsibilities and operating methods involved in managing work activities in safety.

In order to ensure their full and effective implementation, the Group undergoes periodical voluntary inspections by independent third-party organisations, put in place to verify that its various production sites have implemented effective safety management systems for its workers. Finally, Brembo is constantly committed to promoting a health and safety culture in the company also through specific training programs.



Promoting workers wellbeing

The Group considers the physical and psychological health of the worker to be important both inside and outside the working environment. For these reasons, Brembo has developed targeted programs that promote healthier habits and lifestyles for their workers.



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