Discs and Drums

Brembo is the leading producer in Europe of spare part brake discs and brake drums. The brand has a range of over 1,600 items, which covers a remarkable 98% of all passenger cars and commercial vehicles on the roads in Europe today.

  • Brake discs

    The exclusive technical characteristics of Brembo discs:

  • UV Painted Discs

    Brembo coated discs are protected by a special anti-corrosion coating on the hat and outer rim of the rotor which preserves the original visual appearance and functional characteristics, while also saving time during installation as the disc no longer requires cleaning and degreasing.
    These discs are ideal for vehicle with alloy wheels and for motorists for whom attention to detail is a prerequisite.

  • 'High Carbon' discs

    With their optimised thermal inertia, Brembo High Carbon discs reduce both vibration and noise. These products are the result of Brembo technology and a meticulously controlled production process in the brand's foundries, which makes it possible to precisely vary the chemical composition of the cast iron, increasing the percentage of carbon in High Carbon discs. ​

  • Discs with PVT pillar venting technology

    Brembo PVT discs feature the exclusive pillar venting system patented by Brembo, which improves cooling capacity and increases resistance to thermal cracking by over 40%.

  • Discs with Fastener Screws

    Brembo includes a fastener screw kit in the same package as the disc to make installation simpler, more efficient and safer.


  • Discs with Integrated Bearing

    The bearings are pre-assembled on the discs and drums: this makes installation simpler and faster, while also preventing the risk of damaging the bearing during removal from the old disc.
    The Brembo kit also includes an integrated ABS tone wheel, where required by OE specifications.