​Brembo produces high-tech brake calipers installed as original equipment in the leading car models in every category. These monoblock or two-piece fixed calipers are made from aluminium for maximum lightweight and performance, while the number of pistons varies from 2 to 6 in relation to size.
Brembo focuses particular attention on designing brake calipers that requires performance with those for comfort. In addition to Brembo's whole-system approach, which necessitates an in-depth knowledge of every element involved in braking, the comfort of these products is ensured by the use of specific design methods and extensive, laborious bench and road testing to identify and eliminate any factors detracting from the comfort of the braking system.
As well as boasting the intrinsically superior lightweight, performance and appearance of aluminium components compared with parts in cast iron, Brembo fixed calipers also offer benefits in terms of weight reduction and residual torque, which translate to lower emissions and fuel consumption.

Brembo also emphasizes to the appearance of the caliper, the most visually noticeable element of the braking system. The style is defined in a painstaking co-design process in collaboration with the world's major carmakers to be an integral aspect of the overall aesthetics of the most exclusive models. As well as being offered with elaborate chrome finishes, Brembo calipers are often designed specifically to echo and complement the styling cues of the automobile they are fitted to.