Original Equipment

Moto Guzzi - California

​The Moto Guzzi California is definitely the most famous custom Moto Guzzi model and is one of the best known and loved motorcycles in the world. Conceived at the beginning of the 1970s for the American market, it has made a name for itself on five continents and is universally acclaimed for its bold image and quality on the road. From a technical point of view, the California is the only Moto Guzzi still in production with the glorious 1064cc big block engine capable of propelling the impressive flagship to a top speed of almost 200 km/h. The engine lies in a tubular steel frame with a 45 mm adjustable fork with stanchions and a steel fork joint with shock absorbers that are also adjustable. A long wheelbase (1,560 mm) and “open” fork (29° rake and 116 mm trail) make riding well-rounded, enjoyable and reassuring as well as the low saddle (780 mm off the ground) and the wide handlebars offer total control of the bike (251 kg dry weight).
The California is the motorbike used by the Guard of Honour to the Italian President of the Republic.

Details of braking system

The California's braking relies on a Brembo braking system with braking distribution that helps to keep balance even when using only one control. Brembo equips this motorbike with a front brake pump and 4-piston calipers at the front and a rear brake pump with built-in tank and 2-piston parallel calipers at the rear.