BremboBremboNewsBrembo @IAA Less Weight, more efficiency: Innovations in the Field of Technology

Brembo @IAA Less Weight, more efficiency: Innovations in the Field of Technology

​Brembo presents new components for brake systems that succeed in maximizing weight reduction. The aim is to improve comfort and effectiveness of the braking action, while bringing about a significant reduction in the level of CO2 emissions produced by the vehicle. These are five new eco-friendly products, reflecting a trend in automotive component design oriented increasingly toward sustainable development, with huge strides being made in the fields of design, manufacturing processes, materials and technologies. Here are the innovations in the field of technology.

EPB – Electric Parking Brake

Immagine 237mod 1.jpgThis Brembo innovation is the perfect solution for those cases where the rear service brake is a fixed caliper and so a separate park brake caliper is needed.
The complete brake caliper assembly is made from aluminium and is considerably lighter than comparable competitor systems. It's perfect compatible with start-stop systems as well as driver assistance systems like ABS or ESP.
Concerning its design, this brake caliper is elegant and attractive such that it can be placed in direct sight, without any cover.

ECS – Electric Combined Slider Caliper

Immagine 238 1.jpgThis electric sliding brake caliper made from aluminium serves both as service brake and park brake!
Both luxury and premium cars may benefit from a considerable weight reduction as well as from an increase in pad area which improves braking performance. Once again, Brembo succeeds in the difficult task of reducing weight while at the same time improving performance.
On top of the above advantages, this product represents a plus in terms of style and aesthetics: the design follows that of a typical brake caliper, the aluminium surface can either be anodized or painted and thus be perfectly matched to the design of the vehicle’s front calipers.
It is perfectly compatible with driver assistance systems such as ESP or ABS.

BBW - Brake By Wire

Immagine 235 1.jpgBrembo is the inventor of the first fully electromechanical braking system! The potential of this conception is enormous. Being extremely compact, it allows for completely new design options, when e.g. used in hybrid or electric vehicles it frees more space for accumulators. Regenerative braking, the environment-friendly energy recovery of kinetic energy during braking is another feature of this product.
New and improved driver assistance systems can be implemented, because each wheel can be controlled separately. The integration of service and park brake into one system allows for further saving potentials, especially when compared to electro-hydraulic systems.